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Lowest of the Low June 7, 2011

It has come to my attention that my animated Western Red Rider’s Lament is currently ranked as the #2 least popular Western of 2011 thus far. Yay me! My pal Jason H. has the #6 least popular Western, Agnes and Me.

Sucking Out Loud

Sucking Out Loud

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A Desperate Man October 12, 2010

Red Rider encounters a desperate man

Red Rider encounters a desperate man

A scene not necessarily furthering the narrative but developing the character of Red Rider.  Here we see the Red Rider encountering a desperate man in obvious distress.  One of the  white birch trees that form a ghostly gate into the town of Cayenne are swinging with a most strange fruit.  Who has left a man to such a ghastly demise?  What could possibly have been his crime?  I have a feeling we will find out in the next thrilling episode of “Red Rider’s Lament!”

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Storm Sequence September 21, 2010

As soon as the first drop of rabbit blood hit the dusty ground the sky screamed.  Never had he seen such fury from the sky.  Clouds formed not from the moisture in the air but from something sinister in the Earth.  Shelter was the first thought.  The homestead was a sturdy bastion these many years.  It had outlasted floods and droughts, windstorms and dust devils.  He ran towards it with the still dripping rabbit in his hand.  The wind was no longer a warning.  It demanded his body be thrashed  backward, away from the house.  It took his hat.  From the terrible sky came something even more wicked than lightning and strong hail.  A funnel from the clouds descended and began to suck away every trace of progress.  The windmill pump disintegrated into tinder as the blades careened off the shattered yolk.  Narrowly missing his head it disappeared over the horizon.  With nothing to do but succumb to the terror he held on the the fence post.  Years ago he dug the posts deep and strong.  As the house began to lift off the foundation he knew this was the end of what he had built and the beginning of something larger.  Perhaps death.  Perhaps not.

Tornado Sequence

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From On High to Down Low September 11, 2010

In which the Red Rider laments the destruction of his home and reconnects with his hat, formerly thought lost forever.

Below is an attempt to communicate the audio portion of the moving picture:
Sound Graph1

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There Once Stood A House September 4, 2010

The Hole

"The Hole" (preproduction shot)

Spoiler alert!

There was a house here not that long ago.  The teeth of the foundation frame the gaping maw of the basement.

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Target Practice

In which the Red Rider shows off his practiced six-shooter prowess.  With each half second his finger throbs mimicking his slowing heartbeat.  Concentrate and breathe with the pulse, pounding against gently curving steel.  With a quick tang of gunpowder and a flash of light a bottle in the distance shatters into glimmering shards.  Stars, he thinks.  I’m creating the heavens with the gun in my hand.

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