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Rocking on the Waves January 9, 2012

Here is a test of the wave system I’ve devised for long shots of the tug Ready upon the sea. The waves are cylinders plastered with spiral ridges. When rotated frame by frame the structures take on a screwy wave-like motion, abstracting yet still describing “the motion of the ocean.” The following animated gif loop is a test without lighting or final paint. The ship also needs its second boom attached so it can lift the bathysphere into the briny sea.


wave testing

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A Desperate Man October 12, 2010

Red Rider encounters a desperate man

Red Rider encounters a desperate man

A scene not necessarily furthering the narrative but developing the character of Red Rider.  Here we see the Red Rider encountering a desperate man in obvious distress.  One of the  white birch trees that form a ghostly gate into the town of Cayenne are swinging with a most strange fruit.  Who has left a man to such a ghastly demise?  What could possibly have been his crime?  I have a feeling we will find out in the next thrilling episode of “Red Rider’s Lament!”

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Creature In Its Habitat October 2, 2010

Here we see the reclusive North American JBessoff laboring intensively at what we can only surmise to be some sort of endemic artistic ritual.  It is rare to find such a species away from it’s habitat.  We at the Victorian Identification Society for Native Species refer to this collection of paper, glue, toys and various ephemera as a “make-shift animation studio.”

JBessoff at the animation table

JBessoff at the animation table. (photo Joe Miller, Esq.)

The interesting thing to note here is the fact that there are three distinct animation sets on three separate tables.  The behavior of the JBessoff is often a delightfully perplexing riddle to solve.  It is this casual observer’s deduction that the creature is attempting a deep forced perspective shot inspired by the iconic work of Douglass Trumble.

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