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Helios’ Flying Studio November 19, 2010

Helio's Flying Studio
More time, more detail, more characters.
Here is a pre-production shot of Eadweard Muybridge’s cameo. Before Muybridge revolutionized the photographic process with his high speed shutter he honed his skills as a landscape photographer. Eadweard sold his early photos under the pseudonym Helios, after the Greek god of the sun.
Here he races through the poppy field scene on his famous “flying studio.” I suppose he’s off to Yosemite to photograph a fissure.

Eagle Rock fissure, Stereograph photo by Muybridge

Eagle Rock fissure, Stereograph photo by Muybridge

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Having A Drink October 27, 2010

Howdy blogger friends!  I have let the Red Rider updates fall to the wayside in favor of actually working on it.  We had an inspired soundtrack recording session with Josh Dumas, Keith Kusterer, Tom Santiago and Tom McGettrick.  Holy crow did they rock!  The music propels the animation to a whole new level of life!  Here is a teaser mp3 for your auditory delight.

And if that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, here is a pic I snapped while beating the crud out of our hero in the bar scene.

Bar Scene

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Creature In Its Habitat October 2, 2010

Here we see the reclusive North American JBessoff laboring intensively at what we can only surmise to be some sort of endemic artistic ritual.  It is rare to find such a species away from it’s habitat.  We at the Victorian Identification Society for Native Species refer to this collection of paper, glue, toys and various ephemera as a “make-shift animation studio.”

JBessoff at the animation table

JBessoff at the animation table. (photo Joe Miller, Esq.)

The interesting thing to note here is the fact that there are three distinct animation sets on three separate tables.  The behavior of the JBessoff is often a delightfully perplexing riddle to solve.  It is this casual observer’s deduction that the creature is attempting a deep forced perspective shot inspired by the iconic work of Douglass Trumble.

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The Cherry Pie Will Kill ‘Ya September 24, 2010

Cherry Pie Long ShotCherry Pie CU

There are many delicious looking doll house sized fimo cherry pies out there on the internet, but all of them were a bit too large for the tiny scale of my figures.  Here’s an attempt at sculpting one from scratch.  Just like mom used to make.  Now all we need is a damn fine cup of coffee.  The base was shaped with the cap of a marker.  Cherries were rolled from a batch of fimo I think I might have had since 1993.  Weaving the crust was mostly successful, if a bit uneven.

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From On High to Down Low September 11, 2010

In which the Red Rider laments the destruction of his home and reconnects with his hat, formerly thought lost forever.

Below is an attempt to communicate the audio portion of the moving picture:
Sound Graph1

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Target Practice September 4, 2010

In which the Red Rider shows off his practiced six-shooter prowess.  With each half second his finger throbs mimicking his slowing heartbeat.  Concentrate and breathe with the pulse, pounding against gently curving steel.  With a quick tang of gunpowder and a flash of light a bottle in the distance shatters into glimmering shards.  Stars, he thinks.  I’m creating the heavens with the gun in my hand.

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All Things Move Toward Their End August 24, 2010

Ecstatic is the word I would use to define the feeling I have after finishing the buffalo skinning sequence. It has definitely been the longest and most complex set I’ve had to deal with yet. It seems the sets have become increasingly complex and the animation more involved. What started as an idea for a quick project to be completed in under a month has evolved into an epic of sorts. I’ve been noticing that most of my projects progress this way. To justify this grueling process, Sylvester Stallone has some words of advice. When asked “Are there any goals you wish to accomplish,” he replied thus: There are always goals. If you don’t have a mountain, build one and then climb it. And after you climb it, build another one; otherwise you start to flatline in your life. (From a recent interview in Time magazine.)

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