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Red Rider’s Lament Trailer January 15, 2011

Jan. 21st, 8pm., 2011
High Concept Laboratories
1401 W. Wabansia
Chicago, IL 60625

Doors open at 7pm. Screening at 8pm followed by Chili and Lone Star.
RSVP required through this invite or e-mail
The screening will also include work by Jason Halprin, David Monahan, Kelly Sears, and Michael Sirianni plus the amazing shadow puppet performance The Ballad of Lula del Ray by Julia Miller.

The gallery will display artwork by Craig Blakeman, Joe Miller and Bessoff’s sets and storyboards from “Rider Rider’s Lament”.

The tragic-comic “Red Rider’s Lament” employs vintage plastic cowboys and construction paper sets to explore the enactment of masculinity in the Old West. The Rider enters the fold just as the West’s dust is settling. His haphazard wanderings cause him to confront manifest destiny and the changes it renders to the landscape and its inhabitants. Featuring music by Josh Dumas, Keith Kusterer, Tom McGettrick, Tom Santiago, and Sally Timms.

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Battlefield December 15, 2010

“At first we were successful, and your soldiers were driven away and your people killed, and we again possessed our land.”


I’ve known horror but never hell.  Not since today.  We overtook the Chiricahua at dusk.  They were ours after the columns split.  Surrounded, they had no option but to fight.  And fight they did.  Furiously.  We took for granted the savage mind was an easy one to dominate.  My men were hacked to pieces by their razor tomahawks and ferocity of spirit.  Granted we had horses and guns.  They had a tenacity to defend the land they held sacred.  Eventually the carbines and two howitzers cut down their forces to a thin bloody trickle.  Taking the last savage’s head for bounty, I wondered if our manifest destiny divined by God was just.

— Captain Thomas Robert, July 16, 1862

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Helios’ Flying Studio November 19, 2010

Helio's Flying Studio
More time, more detail, more characters.
Here is a pre-production shot of Eadweard Muybridge’s cameo. Before Muybridge revolutionized the photographic process with his high speed shutter he honed his skills as a landscape photographer. Eadweard sold his early photos under the pseudonym Helios, after the Greek god of the sun.
Here he races through the poppy field scene on his famous “flying studio.” I suppose he’s off to Yosemite to photograph a fissure.

Eagle Rock fissure, Stereograph photo by Muybridge

Eagle Rock fissure, Stereograph photo by Muybridge

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Back In the Saddle November 13, 2010

Painted Lady's RoomPainted Lady's Room Shot
Since the premiere of “Red Rider’s Lament” isn’t going to happen for at least two months, I’ve decided to go back and rework some scenes that I had rushed through or had omitted for the sake of time.  Since the brothel scene (pictured above) doesn’t necessarily carry the narrative forward it was stricken from the shooting schedule.   Here we see The Blue Rider entering the painted lady’s room after working over the Red Rider at the poker table.  It always gives me a “holy cow, I can’t believe its the same shot” feeling when I compare the actual shot through the camera with a behind-the-scenes snapshot.

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Having A Drink October 27, 2010

Howdy blogger friends!  I have let the Red Rider updates fall to the wayside in favor of actually working on it.  We had an inspired soundtrack recording session with Josh Dumas, Keith Kusterer, Tom Santiago and Tom McGettrick.  Holy crow did they rock!  The music propels the animation to a whole new level of life!  Here is a teaser mp3 for your auditory delight.

And if that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, here is a pic I snapped while beating the crud out of our hero in the bar scene.

Bar Scene

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DIY-Film Interview October 12, 2010

The folks over at DIY Film have posted a lovely little ditty on yours truly.  Read about all the scandalous details of my life and work at

Remember to head over to High Concept Laboratories on November 5th to see the premiere of “Red Rider’s Lament!”

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A Desperate Man

Red Rider encounters a desperate man

Red Rider encounters a desperate man

A scene not necessarily furthering the narrative but developing the character of Red Rider.  Here we see the Red Rider encountering a desperate man in obvious distress.  One of the  white birch trees that form a ghostly gate into the town of Cayenne are swinging with a most strange fruit.  Who has left a man to such a ghastly demise?  What could possibly have been his crime?  I have a feeling we will find out in the next thrilling episode of “Red Rider’s Lament!”

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Creature In Its Habitat October 2, 2010

Here we see the reclusive North American JBessoff laboring intensively at what we can only surmise to be some sort of endemic artistic ritual.  It is rare to find such a species away from it’s habitat.  We at the Victorian Identification Society for Native Species refer to this collection of paper, glue, toys and various ephemera as a “make-shift animation studio.”

JBessoff at the animation table

JBessoff at the animation table. (photo Joe Miller, Esq.)

The interesting thing to note here is the fact that there are three distinct animation sets on three separate tables.  The behavior of the JBessoff is often a delightfully perplexing riddle to solve.  It is this casual observer’s deduction that the creature is attempting a deep forced perspective shot inspired by the iconic work of Douglass Trumble.

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The Cherry Pie Will Kill ‘Ya September 24, 2010

Cherry Pie Long ShotCherry Pie CU

There are many delicious looking doll house sized fimo cherry pies out there on the internet, but all of them were a bit too large for the tiny scale of my figures.  Here’s an attempt at sculpting one from scratch.  Just like mom used to make.  Now all we need is a damn fine cup of coffee.  The base was shaped with the cap of a marker.  Cherries were rolled from a batch of fimo I think I might have had since 1993.  Weaving the crust was mostly successful, if a bit uneven.

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Last Thing the Rabbit Saw

silhouette in blesilhouette in blue

A before and after still from “Red Rider’s Lament.”  A scene in which we see through the eyes of a rabbit taking its last breath.  Moments later the sky comes crashing down around the rider.  The rabbit is the proverbial albatross that sent the poor mariner on his damned journey to the ends of the earth.  In this case the action of murdering an innocent omen of good luck (rabbit or rabbit’s foot) sets the Rider’s world into motion through chaos, specifically the fury of Mother Nature.

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