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QC Times Article August 7, 2009

David Burke of the Quad City Times newspaper wrote a nice little article about Ghost Conversations.
Read it here:

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Ghost Conversations Interview August 6, 2009

Dane interviewed me for their internet show about “Ghost Conversations.”

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Final Cut – Ghost Conversations January 24, 2009

After Months of agonizing over audio, the final cut of Ghost Conversations is here!

Currently in consideration for the following festivals:
Strange Beauty Film Festival
Central WI film Fest
Milwaukee Film Festival
Zero Film Festival – LA & NY
Festival De Du Film Merveilleux Et Imaginaire, France
Hardacre Film Festival
WI International Film Fest
Milwaukee Underground Film Fest

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Hell’s Bells Ring Triumphant March 25, 2008

Check out how the test shoot turned out.

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Hell’s Bell’s Studio Shoot March 23, 2008

The marionette whispered it had to stretch it’s strings. The Diva demanded to perform. Being a slave to it’s will I obliged with the help of The Grand Negress Godiva. I must admit I was morbidly curious to see what would happen when one manipulates a life-sized marionette to sing songs of a queer, classically trained falsetto-singing transvestite from New York.

The rouster of assistants to bring the marionette to life was as impressively motley as the opera singers credentials. I enlisted the help of puppet-master Lynn K. of Behind the Couch Productions to be head puppeteer. Also in attendance were Craig M. Production Facilitator extrodinare of the WACMC, Andrea M., a film school graduate student and her partner Eric.

Jeremy puts the puppet together Lynn adds leg supports Testing the rig Lighting the set

Boozin with a puppet Action JB in the control room

Piano Test Craig on Camera

Super thanks to everyone who helped!

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Fin Du Puppet March 15, 2008


A Better, Stronger Pelvis March 11, 2008

The dowel does not afford enough support for the entire body.  Damnation! It started tearing through the plaster once the weight was applied.  I’ve changed the dowel to a length of 1/4 inch board.

pelvic1.jpg  pelvic2.jpg

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Pelvic Structure

The pelvic area must be able to support the weight of the entire lower half of the puppet. The following structure will be placed along the coronal plane at the top of the closed pelvis structure.

3-11-pulleytest.jpg 3-11-pulleytest2.jpg 3-11-pulleytest3.jpg

It will bear the weight of the lower body and act as anchor for the thigh pieces.

Currently listening to:

son house Son House
At Home: Complete 1969 Recordings
Low down, dirty, deep in the Delta, real Southern blues. Son’s blue’s come from a deep hard blue somewhere most of us will never go.

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Better Pulley Structure March 10, 2008

On second thought, the original pulley system is too complicated.  Line does not glide smoothly through the pulleys.  There is too much friction.  This design, although not as visually interesting, works a lot better.


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Chest Support

An internal structure is needed to support the entire weight of the puppet. Since all weight is supported at the shoulders I need to distribute the weight throughout the thoracic cavity. Two rods will act as a spine. They attach at the clavicle and the upper pelvis. Once installed the system adds a much needed rigidity. Once flooded with expanding foam insulation it will be as solid as an Olympic athlete.

cheststructure1.jpg cheststructure2.jpg

Currently listening to
The Flying Cup Club
Imagine you are watching a balloon race in 1910 Paris…

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