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Menu Review! May 26, 2014

David Finkelstein at wrote a stirring critical review of “Another Song About the Sea.” Site has been taken down. 🙁


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Another Song About the Sea September 21, 2013

Another Song About the Sea is finished!  Check out the trailer below.

Screening History:
Porto Film Festival, Porto, Portugal, Spain
London Underground Film Festival, London, England
Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
Nightingale Theater, Chicago, IL
Athens Film Festival, Athens, OH
Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, WI
West Virginia Mountaineer Film Festival, Morgantown, WV
Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL

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Animation with Watery Foreground November 2, 2012

I’ve been thinking about recombining some of my imagery in different ways.  Here’s one combination I think works incredibly well.  The foreground is bubbles, water and light, while the background is an animated chalk drawing on blue paper.

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Under the Table October 21, 2012

“I finished my journey and arrived under a table.”

A still from my current animation project.

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The Pressure July 24, 2012

phone shorts out

A drop expanded to a dribble.  The craft was leaking.  Having just shorted out, the telephone line was dead.  There’s no communication with the surface.  The silent line should be signal enough for the crew to respond to the emergency at hand.  A sinking feeling in my stomach told me the sphere was rising … So was the water.  At this depth it is 20 minutes to the surface.  Looking at my watch, then at the rising water, I quickly answered my most pressing question.  Will I drown before I reach the surface?  The mathematics suggest a negative outcome.

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Rocking Sphere February 10, 2012

Beebe and his Bathysphere on deck of the Ready

Beebe and his Bathysphere on deck of the Ready

My love for animated gifs has been rekindled!  Here is a tiny looping sequence from my current animation project.  It features Dr. William Beebe and his diving apparatus, the Bathysphere.  Soon we’ll dangle the Bathysphere on a slender steel cable into the black abysmal ocean.

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Rocking on the Waves January 9, 2012

Here is a test of the wave system I’ve devised for long shots of the tug Ready upon the sea. The waves are cylinders plastered with spiral ridges. When rotated frame by frame the structures take on a screwy wave-like motion, abstracting yet still describing “the motion of the ocean.” The following animated gif loop is a test without lighting or final paint. The ship also needs its second boom attached so it can lift the bathysphere into the briny sea.


wave testing

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Darkness on the Face of the Water January 1, 2012

This mysterious clip “activates” forthcoming animated sequences. “… And there was darkness on the face of the deep.”

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H.M.S Ready at the Ready

The former H.M.S. Ready was the vessel used as a platform for the bathysphere descents.  Due to the tug’s retrofitting for the bathysphere, another ship, Beebe’s faithful Gladisfen, was called in for towing duty.  For the sake of time, yet woe to historical accuracy, I’m eliminating the Gladisfen from the scene and letting the Ready propel itself into action.
This model is actually a bas-relief sculpture. The ship is flat on the back making it ideal for animating the contour diving scene on a layered animation table.

Base for Gladisfen Model

Unpainted sculpy ship

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Tiny Lighting December 16, 2011

Beebe Puppet with Flashlight

Dollhouse lighting! I’ve been having trouble lighting the puppets from the inside of the bathysphere set. The discovery of bulbs described as GOW and GOR (grain of wheat and grain of rice) allow for setting up actual 3-point lighting inside small, confined spaces. I hollowed out a plastic toy flashlight and put in a GOR bulb. Puppet Beebe can now illuminate his instruments more realistically.

Experimenting with dollhouse lighting rig

Thanks to Shelley D. for the lighting tutorial!

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