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Sphere Casting II October 26, 2011

Front Half of Sphere

“She’s birthed of fire and true to your specifications, sir” the engineer said, as a bead of sweat cleaned a streak down his sooty brow.

“If the calculations are true,” said I, “She’ll hold back the entire weight of the ocean.”
Back of the Sphere
“That she will.  I guarantee by Hades forge you’ll get to Hell and back.  The only weak spot in the plans is your nerve.”

Inside Back of Sphere

Here we see the rear entry portal of the bathysphere from the inside.  The sphere is cast from a basketball.  Plasticine was then molded to form detailed protrusions.

Cast Bolts
The exterior hatch bolts were cast in plaster from mold impressions of a bolt head in plasticine.

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