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Battlefield December 15, 2010

“At first we were successful, and your soldiers were driven away and your people killed, and we again possessed our land.”


I’ve known horror but never hell.  Not since today.  We overtook the Chiricahua at dusk.  They were ours after the columns split.  Surrounded, they had no option but to fight.  And fight they did.  Furiously.  We took for granted the savage mind was an easy one to dominate.  My men were hacked to pieces by their razor tomahawks and ferocity of spirit.  Granted we had horses and guns.  They had a tenacity to defend the land they held sacred.  Eventually the carbines and two howitzers cut down their forces to a thin bloody trickle.  Taking the last savage’s head for bounty, I wondered if our manifest destiny divined by God was just.

— Captain Thomas Robert, July 16, 1862

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