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Helios’ Flying Studio November 19, 2010

Helio's Flying Studio
More time, more detail, more characters.
Here is a pre-production shot of Eadweard Muybridge’s cameo. Before Muybridge revolutionized the photographic process with his high speed shutter he honed his skills as a landscape photographer. Eadweard sold his early photos under the pseudonym Helios, after the Greek god of the sun.
Here he races through the poppy field scene on his famous “flying studio.” I suppose he’s off to Yosemite to photograph a fissure.

Eagle Rock fissure, Stereograph photo by Muybridge

Eagle Rock fissure, Stereograph photo by Muybridge

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Back In the Saddle November 13, 2010

Painted Lady's RoomPainted Lady's Room Shot
Since the premiere of “Red Rider’s Lament” isn’t going to happen for at least two months, I’ve decided to go back and rework some scenes that I had rushed through or had omitted for the sake of time.  Since the brothel scene (pictured above) doesn’t necessarily carry the narrative forward it was stricken from the shooting schedule.   Here we see The Blue Rider entering the painted lady’s room after working over the Red Rider at the poker table.  It always gives me a “holy cow, I can’t believe its the same shot” feeling when I compare the actual shot through the camera with a behind-the-scenes snapshot.

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Red Rider’s Demise November 3, 2010

The gallery where I have my studio and was going to have the Red Rider’s Lament and Other Tales screening has canceled all performances and events for the foreseeable future.  That means the show will not go on as planned this Friday, November 5th.  The show will go on but the date and place has yet to be determined.  Watch your in boxes for details.  An article in Chicago’s T1me 0ut magazine “outed” several underground art spaces that were underground for a reason.  Email me for details.

Red Rider's Demise

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