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Shooting Range Shot August 26, 2010

shooting gallery

The next set for “Red Rider’s Lament” is up and running!  In this scene we see the Red Rider sizing up a collection of menacing bottles perched precariously on the homestead fence.  This is actually the reverse shot for the larger scene.  Stay tuned for a rolling thunder storm and, if the winds blow the right way, possibly a devastating tornado.  Because hey, what’s a prairie trope without a raging cyclone?

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All Things Move Toward Their End August 24, 2010

Ecstatic is the word I would use to define the feeling I have after finishing the buffalo skinning sequence. It has definitely been the longest and most complex set I’ve had to deal with yet. It seems the sets have become increasingly complex and the animation more involved. What started as an idea for a quick project to be completed in under a month has evolved into an epic of sorts. I’ve been noticing that most of my projects progress this way. To justify this grueling process, Sylvester Stallone has some words of advice. When asked “Are there any goals you wish to accomplish,” he replied thus: There are always goals. If you don’t have a mountain, build one and then climb it. And after you climb it, build another one; otherwise you start to flatline in your life. (From a recent interview in Time magazine.)

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Sunset to Moonrise August 11, 2010

A very short animation about two scientists contemplating the evening sky.

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Removing the Hide August 4, 2010

A new sequence from the forthcoming short film “Red Rider’s Lament” by Jeremy Bessoff. In this scene we get close to what the Rider sees from below the hill. The imagery is inspired from Life magazine’s photo spread on buffalo ranching in the 50’s.

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