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The Knife July 29, 2010

Skinning Rig Close-Up

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Snapshot Exercise 11: Jason Ponce July 25, 2010

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jason Ponce, Interactive Media Designer and talk with him about his new project, “FLOX.”


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Skinning Rig July 19, 2010

There began a meaty stench in the air. Fresh blood followed, for when I crest the ridge I saw the logic to the slaughter. The beasts were twenty feet in the air hanging from angry hooks. There was the sound of tearing and cutting as stout men took the parts worth taking.
Skinning Rig

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Into the Fold July 7, 2010

Rough cut scene from the still in production movie “Red Rider’s Lament.” Scratch audio. Enjoy.

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