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Installed @ High Concept Laboratories May 10, 2010

High Concept Laboratories has graciously invited me to their studio for a four month artist-in-residency program.  I plan on moving most of the materials from my home studio to HCL.  The plan is to complete the “Cowboy Project” in two months then have the rest of the time to start building a new project.

The pic below is a shot from the HCL open house on Saturday.  I installed my marionette from the Ghost Conversations movie in a complex pose that continues the body as landscape concept from the film into real three dimensional space.  I made sure to make use of the unique surroundings the gallery provided.  The puppet strings are attached to strange disused antique machinery attached to the gallery walls and piping that snakes and weaves across the ceiling.  In the background you can see mural and video installation by artist Joe Miller.  Chicago experimental filmmaker Carolyn Faber got caught in the frame admiring the space.


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