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Hell’s Bell’s Studio Shoot March 23, 2008

The marionette whispered it had to stretch it’s strings. The Diva demanded to perform. Being a slave to it’s will I obliged with the help of The Grand Negress Godiva. I must admit I was morbidly curious to see what would happen when one manipulates a life-sized marionette to sing songs of a queer, classically trained falsetto-singing transvestite from New York.

The rouster of assistants to bring the marionette to life was as impressively motley as the opera singers credentials. I enlisted the help of puppet-master Lynn K. of Behind the Couch Productions to be head puppeteer. Also in attendance were Craig M. Production Facilitator extrodinare of the WACMC, Andrea M., a film school graduate student and her partner Eric.

Jeremy puts the puppet together Lynn adds leg supports Testing the rig Lighting the set

Boozin with a puppet Action JB in the control room

Piano Test Craig on Camera

Super thanks to everyone who helped!

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