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On the Coming Together February 10, 2008

The hand can now be attached to the wrist. There is a flaw in the design. I’m frustrated to say the balance of the whole damn thing is off. The hand portion is a lot heavier than I anticipated. The U-bolt that acts as the point of attachment for an eventual control point is off. It’s fulcrum is far too south of where it should be. When attached to a string the whole thing tilts down toward the hand. A fix might be to just string the wrist with some fishing line while shooting. I don’t want to have to rebuild the whole thing.

Hand and Wrist Hand and Wrist Close

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  • Sam Taylor says:

    These preliminary photos of your progress are tantalizing. I cant wait to see the finished video. When will it be done?

  • Tamara Lapointe says:

    What kind of wire are you using to hod the joints together? I’ve used wire in the past and it has snapped after a lot of bending for stop mtion.

  • Gonthromorph says:

    I’m using copper electrical wire available at any well stocked hardware store. It’s fairly pliable and soft, thus the flexibility. It’s softness ensures repeated bending without breakage. If the joints were going to be animated throughout the film I probably would have used proper joints of some kind.

  • Tamara Lapointe says:

    I ask because Im using wire armature for clay stop motion. I use aluminum wire but it keeps breaking and driving me crazy. I’ll try copper. Thanks!

  • Gonthromorph says:

    One thing I’ve learned with using wire with clay: Make sure the wire is more flexible than the clay otherwise the wire will cut through the clay.
    Good luck! Send me a link once you get your project finished!

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