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Limb Filling February 28, 2008

Finalization of the limbs is going as scheduled. The connection will be accomplished by tying the red connective tissues together. An anchor for the connective tissue is illustrated below. The anchor consists of a length of dowel, a gooseneck knot and one thin edging nail. When the foam insulation filling floods the cavity it will permanently anchor the dowel.

gooseneck1 gooseneck thigh

An example of foam insulation expanding within the limb structures. The resulting muffin top is cut and smoothed using a rotary tool.

fill1 Fill2

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Surgery February 25, 2008

Due to an unforeseeable episode of rage brought upon by frustration, the patient’s right arm has been dismembered and flayed. Upon further investigation by a board of trained medical professionals, the action was wholly unnecessary, brutal and, quite frankly unforgivable. The performing doctor has been sacked and detained indefinitely, whereabouts unknown and secret.It is the recommendation of this institution that the remaining arm be subject to a rigorous and lengthy surgery, rather than complete dismemberment and reconstruction. The procedure will commence immediately in the following order.Fine CutA rectangular incision along the around the offending bolt and into the deep tissue will loosen the medial material allowing for extraction..


bolt removal Vertical force is applied to embedded bolt causing spontaneous separation. The resulting abscess is then filled with liquid insulation. A superficial coating of plaster infused gauze will cover the incision thus rendering the operation complete.


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All the small fabric ends pricked up as the rotary tool came down. I had no idea the thing was actually responding to external stimulus. In a way, it had become sentient. Not really sentient like, “hey, let’s go get a coffee and try and unravel the mystery of space and time,” kind of sentient. It became alive in a way that it understood it’s imminent demise. Evolution was about to play a part in the arms execution. It’s crime, deliberated across countless hours in small rooms by smaller men was decided as this: Balance must be achieved at any cost. One degree of unbalance will keep an organism from attaining it’s complete dominance over it’s environment. Therefore, it is with great sadness and confidence that we relegate the offending unbalanced arm to deconstruction. Deconstruction will occur in the following pattern:
1. Remove outer silk stitching for later reuse.
2. Flay plaster skin from embedded artificial tissue.
3. Extract metal bolts for eventual donation and installation in organism with superior functionality and balance.


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On the Coming Together February 10, 2008

The hand can now be attached to the wrist. There is a flaw in the design. I’m frustrated to say the balance of the whole damn thing is off. The hand portion is a lot heavier than I anticipated. The U-bolt that acts as the point of attachment for an eventual control point is off. It’s fulcrum is far too south of where it should be. When attached to a string the whole thing tilts down toward the hand. A fix might be to just string the wrist with some fishing line while shooting. I don’t want to have to rebuild the whole thing.

Hand and Wrist Hand and Wrist Close

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Their name informs exactly what they sound like. I’ve been listening to them for years. This new album sees the band return to their original roots of quiet, dreamy rock with a tinge of electric emotional fire.

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Internal Structure

The original internal limb prototype utilized a thin length of wire strung through the limb to support the connecting ribbon. I have changed the wire to a length of 1/4 dowel. This adds a stronger root to the connecting ribbon and does not puncture the external plaster of the arm. The dowel itself is not secured in any way other than being wedged between the two sides of the limb. Once the insulation is injected, it will secure the dowel within its strong, foamy bosom. Once dry, I’ll cut away the excess and cover the opening with a layer of plaster bandage.

Arm Interior Arm Interior 2

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In the Wrist February 3, 2008

Construction plans for the wrist attachment have been finalized. With the help of a Black & Decker jigsaw I’ve been able to easily shape load bearing stoppers for the ends of the limbs. The hands will attach via copper wire to a screw driven into the stopper.

All in the Wrist

With this entry I will start adding a link to music I am “currently listening to.” Music informs my moods. It has the uncanny ability to create an emotional environment for which to work in.

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Moody - Gentle Rain Moody – Gentle Rain. I highly recommend this disk to anyone who needs a break from the abrasiveness of rock and roll but doesn’t want to compromise on rich, thick full sound. This is an early project from Nick Ingram (Producer for Radiohead, Bjork, Bowie and other visionaries) Delight in the funky sounds of a 70’s era orchestra with moog accompaniment.

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