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The 8mm Flak 37 Cannon November 27, 2007

Every good hero needs a better enemy. It dawned on me while shooting this weekend: I need more conflict and danger for the protagonist in the story. What does a fighter pilot fear more than fear itself? A nasty Nazi anti-aircraft canon pointed in its immediate direction. Enter the Geschutze 8.8 Kw Flak gun to our drama. (Flak is an abbreviation for Flug Abwehr Kannone.) After a quick trip to Happy Hobby in West Allis, (I can’t seem to stay away from that strange little suburb) I return with the horrid death-belching terror in model kit form. A little glue, a lot of patience and a liberal amount of a perfectly peaceful Sunday produced…

88mmgunflak37 pic188mmgunflak37 pic288mmgunflak37 pic3
a great enemy. Oh, plus probably another 2 weeks of shooting, storyboarding and editing to fold it into the current story.

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