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The Rig is Up October 24, 2007

The rig for the first shot of Ghost Opera is up and functioning smoothy. The rig is for the first couple of shots in the storyboard. The plane is shot from the top down coming through the clouds, then on top of an arial photo backdrop. I repurposed a lighting rig previously crafted by Scott Foley for another project. It is suspended from the ceiling by four wires. A tripod is then lashed to the rig supports with more of the indispensable steel wire and eye hooks. Kite string then dangles down below the head of the tripod to support the model plane. It is fastened to the rig and the model with slip knot loops. The slip knots ensure the lengths of string are equal and taut.
The whole setup looks like a retarded mess. Its difficult to imagine that this rough structure will result in a really great image. When you put things like this together, you are only concerned with what appears directly in front of the camera lens. Only 10 percent or less of the mass of your actual construction and setup is used in the shot. The rest supports your scenes “sweet spot.” Once lined up correctly, lit and action rolls, the image comes alive. The hours spent toiling over the hardware are rewarded with a delicious slice of motion picture. I’m looking forward to shooting this weekend and having my first set of dailies to obsess over.

Camera Rig 1Camera Rig 1

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