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It’s Alive! September 26, 2007

The Dreamer’s body is finally complete! I won’t bore even myself with the history of it’s creation. Ok. Maybe I will a bit…

It all started with trying to find a woman who was willing to be cast in plaster… I asked each and every one of my female friends. The response was usually, “Ummm. No.” I then moved on to a more professional arena. I contacted Armagideon’s modeling agency. That proved to be a hassle. I could not make any of the models understand what was going on or what was going to be done with them. One agreed to do it but only for $500 dollars. I think she was the kind of girl that would do just about anything for 500 dollars. Since I didn’t have 500 dollars lying around I decided to explore other options. Hmm. What is the same size as a real girl, but will let you cover it in plaster and not mind you are using a dremel tool and sanding wheel to remove the cast? A mannequin. Bing. Now all I had to do was find a female mannequin. After exhausting my efforts calling retail stores for surplus I discovered a surplus retail outlet down the street. Sure they had mannequins, parts of mannequins and boxes of parts of mannequins. The complete ones were outrageously priced. They were going upwards of $300 bucks. The parts boxes were sort of a nightmare to go through. They were all odds and ends, broken and scary. I then turned to the internet. Boy howdy did they have mannequins! It was difficult to find one that was just standing strait. I finally found one that was on special for $100 dollars including shipping. Ok. I bit the bullet and ordered it. I got an email telling me that that particular model was on back order and it should be restocked in a couple of months. Destiny was stepping in to tell me this project will never see fruition. Disgruntled, I begrudgingly told them I’d wait.

The next day a friend has a garage sale. Guess what was holding the sign that says garage sale. A full female mannequin! Boo yah! “40 bucks and its yours,” she says.

“Here’s 40 bucks,” I say. Destiny wasn’t stepping in to stop me from completing my project through the internet, it was setting me up for a better deal!

Dreamer's Body 1Dreamer's Body 2Dreamer's Body 3Dreamer's Body 4Casting the Mannequin
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