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Cleo Project
Cleo From 5:41 to 5:43
15 minutes, video, 2015
Using a scene from Agnes Varda’s film Cleo from 5 to 7 as a prompt, multiple women assume the role of Cleo. Through a combination of animation, live action and documentary, Cleo from 5:41 to 5:43 captures the actresses as they deal with the complex negotiation between performing femininity and embodying the self.

City in Which I Love You The City in Which
2 minute segment, 16mm, 2011
The City in Which is an expanded cinema project based on Chicago poet Li-Young Lee’s “The City In Which I Love You”. Co-Produced by Joshua Dumas and Christy LeMaster. For more information on the film and all the lovely and talented people involved click
here. My segment uses photos of Chicago buildings that have been torn down to create a paper landscape, which like memory fails to sufficiently map the city.

Deux Petits Bateaux
Deux Petits Bateaux
2 minutes, video, 2010
Watch on Vimeo
A cut-out animation of two kids on a sailing trip who embark on an underwater adventure when their phonograph falls overboard. A dancing fish/people extravaganza featuring music by Chicago band Mar Caribe.

Flying Alice Flying Alice
3 minutes, super 8, 2010
Alice is adrift in the world.  Commissioned by Chicago Filmmakers for their yearly screening Super-8 Rides Again.

Love Draws Blood Love Draws Blood
3 minutes, video, 2009
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Love Draws Blood investigates innocence and desire bringing together photos, paintings, and found super 8 film in an animated collage.  Music by Jitney.

Paradoxes and Oxymorons Paradoxes and Oxymorons
1 minute, video, 2008
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An animated interpretation of John Ashbery’s poem Paradoxes and Oxymorons that offers a meditation on shapes, lines and language. Created as part of Poetry Everywhere at docUWM, a documentary media center at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in association with the Poetry Foundation. Aiming to focus a new generation of filmmakers on poetry as subject matter and translate it to the screen.  The project then screened on Transit TV bus monitors in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Orlando, Florida. Production credits:
Animator: Kate Raney
Poet: John Ashbery
Narrator: DJ Spooky
Celloist: Ray Chi
Produced by: DocUWM and The Poetry Foundation

I Love(Hate) You
20 minutes, video, 2007
I Love(Hate) You: Rita on Vimeo
I Love(Hate) You: Gloria on Vimeo
I Love(Hate) You: Mitchum on Vimeo
I Love(Hate) You: Rita, The Blonde Reprise on Vimeo
I Love(Hate) You appropriates film noir footage featuring Rita Hayworth, Gloria Grahame and Robert Mitchum. Characters are decontextualized as everything from the mis-en-scene to audio is destabilized and reinvented.  Strange swirls and drips set the tone for examining the destructive relationships and identity crises that unfold.  I Love(Hate) You investigates the spaces between love and hate, sex and violence, beauty and horror, self and other.

Mapping the Lenghts Between
Mapping the Lengths Between
4 minutes, 16mm, silent, 2003
This project speculates on the nature of identity when a bird woman realizes she has fish in her veins.

One Night
“One night you hear a scratching…”
4 minutes, video, 2003
Reinterpreting the story of the Pied Piper, a woman finds relief from domestic anxiety through her new rat friends.

Melusina Melusina and the Fall
4 minutes, 16mm edited on video, 2001
Domesticity and identity are examined in a re-interpretation of a French fairy tale about a serpent woman who is transformed into a bird and trapped.

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