Kate RaneyBio
Kate Raney began animating in college when given an assignment to make a 1 minute animated film. She immediately connected with the materiality and process of animating on film. Initially focusing on reinterpreting fairy tales with a feminist subtext, she turned to appropriating imagery from modern myths - the movies. As a graduate student at UW-Milwaukee, she moved away from 16mm film and began working in digital formats. Her current interests involve combining live action and animation to investigate representation and process in the digital age.

Kate received her graduate degree in Film from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Since then she has taught at Syracuse University and Loyola University Chicago. At present she teaches animation and other classes at Ohio University.

In addition to teaching and making art, Kate has also worked as a film programmer at the Union Theatre in Milwaukee, WI and assisted with programming for Block Cinema and the Onion City Film Festival.  

Her work has screened at numerous festivals such as SXSW Film Festival, the Athens International Film and Video Festival, the Big Muddy Film Festival, and the Wisconsin Film Festival. In summer 2011 Kate was a Sponsored Artist at High Concept Laboratories in Chicago where she shot “Cleo from 5:41 to 5:43.” At Ohio University she worked with students on a grant-funded stop-motion short, geared toward getting K-3rd grade students excited about nanoscience. Kate received a grant from Ohio University for her current project “Woodland Stories.”