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The Pressure July 24, 2012

phone shorts out

A drop expanded to a dribble.  The craft was leaking.  Having just shorted out, the telephone line was dead.  There’s no communication with the surface.  The silent line should be signal enough for the crew to respond to the emergency at hand.  A sinking feeling in my stomach told me the sphere was rising … So was the water.  At this depth it is 20 minutes to the surface.  Looking at my watch, then at the rising water, I quickly answered my most pressing question.  Will I drown before I reach the surface?  The mathematics suggest a negative outcome.

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Dropping Into the Abyss May 30, 2011

Jumping into a new project is exciting! I’ll be descending into the deep abysmal sea guided William Beebe and Otis Barton. Together Beebe and Barton descended a half-mile deep into the ocean, breaking all previous human descent records. They did so in a craft build by Barton and dubbed by Beebe, the “Bathysphere” (bathos), “depth” (sphaira), “sphere”. I discovered their amazing exploits through the book “Descent: The Heroic Discovery of the Abyss” by Brad Matson.

I am approaching the project from the bottom up. Starting in the deep-end, attempting to recreate the gelatinous, transparent denizens of the deep with inflatables. Plastic sheeting, a half-baked idea and a crimping iron are my current deep sea exhibition equipment. As I haven’t built an inflatable before, there’s obviously going to be a learning curve.
Here’s the first attempt …

Jellyfish attempt 1

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