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Articulated Tongue Construction February 2, 2016

1 Tongue Sketch2 draw segments3 cut out

  1. The shape for the puppet is first sketched, making sure to draw in where the articulation points connect.
  2. Transfer shapes to the material puppet will be made from. I use Seral graphite paper to trace the shapes.
  3. Cut out pieces and punch joint holes at articulation point.


Now your are ready to animate your big, floppy tongue.

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A Whopping 15 Seconds. September 21, 2015

Here is a whopping 15 seconds of animation from the new project, Lingua Absentia.  All animation is in camera shot on a multi-plane animation stand with 2d, jointed, paper puppets.  Stay tuned!  There’s more to come!

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Patient is Ready July 7, 2015

The Doctor will see you now.  A quick render of the mouth puppet in action with the Doctor.  Now with real working flashlight! Click for GIF

Animated mouth from inside looking out

Animated mouth from inside looking out

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DIY Animation Stand June 9, 2015

DIY Animation Stand

DIY Animation Stand

DIY Animation Stand:
72 ” x36″x18″ steel freestanding shelving unit; custom cut glass; clamp lights.
You can get the shelving unit at pretty much any hardware store. The Center pane isn’t adjustable, but you can customize the height of the others. Acquiring the glass is a bit more challenging.  Attempting to cut it yourself from a storm window will inevitably end in an uncomfortable amount of blood and several tears.  Find a glass shop that can supply the glass and cut the pieces for you.  I’m using 3/16″ thick clear, tempered panes.
Another tip: Use a circular polarizing filter to shoot.  It will save you a headache from dealing with reflections.  I’m using the Hoya Pro1 Circular PL.


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Gnashing Internal Teeth June 2, 2015

Gnashing Mouth

Gnashing Mouth

Shifting perspectives from external to internal.  We look out of the gnashing mouth from the blistery inside.  Stop motion animation puppet test for the upcoming “Tongue” project.

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Saturday Night 3D February 28, 2015


3D Printing

Exploiting spring break!  There’s no one in line for all the cool toys in the 3D lab.  Printing out parts to mount a DSLR Camera over a Kinect to use with the RGBDToolkit!

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Machine Made Object July 18, 2014

3D Puppet Print

3D Puppet Print

Working with the Maker Bot to 3D print an articulated stop-motion puppet.  The printer isn’t as precise as I had hoped.  Lots of sanding is required to fit the pieces together smoothly.  Once this puppet is finished I hope to manipulate the figure with some fracturing and/or repetition.  Most likely it will become a glitchy, broken thing.

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Planet Distribution May 26, 2014


Distributing Planets Like Throwing Rocks

.gif of a Muybridge sequence I’ll be using in the picture.
I imagine her throwing planets into the night sky.

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David Finkelstein at wrote a stirring critical review of “Another Song About the Sea.” Site has been taken down. 🙁


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Another Song About the Sea September 21, 2013

Another Song About the Sea is finished!  Check out the trailer below.

Screening History:
Porto Film Festival, Porto, Portugal, Spain
London Underground Film Festival, London, England
Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
Nightingale Theater, Chicago, IL
Athens Film Festival, Athens, OH
Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, WI
West Virginia Mountaineer Film Festival, Morgantown, WV
Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL

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