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Flak Attack December 25, 2007

Most of today was spent setting up the environment for the flak canon scene. I’m starting to get excited by the footage. Scenes are cutting together well. In fact, I’m really surprised at some of the shots once I put them into the editing time line. The imagery comes alive when its put into the context of the scene. I have also been going on some abstract visual tangents. It was tough at first to find the experimental vein. For some reason this scene put me in an exploratory mood. Several shots turned out very abstract indeed.


Epiphany struck as I was aimlessly driving through the icy city today.   I Figured out a structural configuration for the dreamers fingers.  The construction of them has been eluding me for months.  It’s the only part of her body that isn’t complete.  Wood dowels and copper wire.  More on that tomorrow.

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