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The Spraybox December 22, 2007

My sole can of heirloom white came to a mournful end the other day as I was painting the flak cannon. It’s little German attendants went embarrassingly free of paint for quite some time. I havent been able to find another can of rustoleum heirloom white anywhere in town. The Lowes I bought it at redesigned their paint department and decided that my particular color of white was superfluous to their stock. I gave up after searching every hardware store in town. The only alternative I found was a can of Valspar. Its a pretty close match in color. Aargh! After the first spray coat I noticed it is much glossier than its predecessor. F! I’ll have to hit it with some mat medium after it dries.

A pile of GermansObjects in the spraybox

I’ve decided to add a bit of a dog fight as well to truly give the P-38 a run for its money. It will go up against two Japanese Zeros. There is a bit of historical fallacy here, but hey, it’s just a movie. Why would there be Japanese Zeros flying over Germany, or why would there be a German flak canon in Japan? Who the hell knows?

The heroic can of Valspar

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  • Mother Sickler says:

    I find your work very fascinating. I especially like your way with words. I always thought I was pretty good in that department – I believe you have surpassed my talent. Please take a minute to send me an email and let me know you are okay. I love you. Mom

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